Perseverance: Reach for goals.
  • Brillamun 2015
  • 35th Aniversary
  • 9a Copa Brillamont
  • Nursery

    Improve their motor skills and empower them to be
    original and spontaneous with the world around them.

  • Prekindergarten

    Brillamont promotes in their students the development of basic
    mental processes, the knowledge of the phenomena in the world
    around them and the acquisition of attitudes, habits and values
    to support them in their socializing process.

  • Preschool

    Preschool education develops in the student forms
    of oral and written expression in English and Spanish,
    languages that allow them to acquire formal learning.

  • Elementary

    Elementary level promotes the interest in doing and learning
    with enthusiasm and develops the confidence of the capacities
    of our students.

  • Middle School

    Middle School education is crucial so that students 

    have a comprehensive education that allows them
    to develop 
    successfully in the stage of higher
    education as well as in professional working life.

    Middle School
Guarderia en San Pedro - Instituto Brillamont
Preescolar en San Pedro - Prekinder
Kinders en San Pedro, N.L.
Primarias en San Pedro - Instituto Bilingüe Brillamont
Secundarias en San Pedro - Escuelas Instituto Brillamont

The Excellency option in Bilingual Schools in San Pedro

Providing our students with an integral formation and achieving parents´ satisfaction with the educational services we provide have been our daily motivation to reach institutional excellence for the last 35 years.

Our educational methodology, which continuously integrates the best educational trends, has positioned us as solid and leading Institution. Our educational technology together with our pleasant, comfortable and secure facilities favors an environment where our professional staff can successfully develop in our students a high-level bilingual academic competence; value, habits and effective work structures.

Our success lies in our students’ success. They are the most important part of the Institute; because of them we exist, grow and improve.

Welcome to Brillamont Institute.
Brillamont Life


I am proudly writing this mail because my son, Rubén IV , became a creditor to the scholarship of excellence from the UDEM, but as I commented to my children, the accomplishments in life not only does one obtain them on our own ….. we have always received from you and your team teaching and administrative support for the conclusion of this stage of the life of my son with excellence, quality, humanism and care… part of this recognition is yours and your team. Congratulations and God bless you always

Thumbs up for Brillamont!